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Ohio Department of Mental Health
Emerging Best Practices 
Guiding Principles


The following guiding principles formed the basis for the development of The Recovery Process Model and Emerging Best Practices.


Principle I

The consumer directs the recovery process; therefore, consumer input is essential throughout the process.

Principle II

The Mental Health System must be aware of its tendency to enable and encourage consumer dependency.

Principle III

Consumers are able to recover more quickly when their:

bullet hope is encouraged, enhanced and/or maintained;
bullet life roles with respect to work and meaningful activities are defined;
bullet spirituality is considered;
bullet culture is understood;
bullet educational needs as well as those of their family/significant others are identified;
bullet socialization needs are identified.

Principle IV

Individual differences are considered and valued across their life span.

Principle V

Recovery from mental illness is most effective when a holistic approach is considered.

Principle VI

In order to reflect current "best practices," there is a need to merge all intervention models, including Medical, Psychological, Social and Recovery.

Principle VII

The clinicians' initial emphasis on "hope" and the ability to develop trusting relationships influences the consumer's recovery.

Principle VIII

Clinicians operate from a strengths/assets model.

Principle IX

Clinicians and consumers collaboratively develop a recovery management plan. This plan focuses on the interventions that will facilitate recovery and the resources that will support the recovery process.

Principle X

Family involvement may enhance the recovery process. The consumer defines his/her family unit.

Principle XI

Mental health services are most effective when delivery is within the context of the consumer's community.

Principle XII

Community involvement as defined by the consumer is important to the recovery process.

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