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Peer Support Articles on the Internet

This page includes various resources specific to the topic of peer support, including information about the discipline of certified peer specialist.

PDF articles require Acrobat Reader. Click here to download a free copy.

A Guide for Consumer Organization Leadership: Principles for Practice

W. TenHoor (2002).  TenHoor and Associates, NEC website


Certified Peer Specialists Training Program Descriptions

J. Katz and M. Salzer (2006).  UPENN Collaborative on Community Integration.  Philadelphia, PA


Community Needs Assessment

National Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Center; Alexandria, VA


Consumer-providers of care for adult clients of statutory mental health services

V. Pitt, D. Lowe, S. Hill, M. Prictor, SE Hetrick, R. Ryan, and L. Berends (2013) Cochrane Collaboration, published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


Cooptation of Peer Support Staff: Quantitative Evidence

A. Alberta and R. Ploski (2014).  Colorado River Behavioral Health System, Libertas Academica.


Defining Peer Support

S. Mead (2003).  Intentional Peer Support

Emerging New Practices in Organized Peer Support

J. Campbell and J. Leaver (2003).  NTAC


Enhancing the Peer Provider Workforce: Recruitment, Supervision and Retention

J. Jorgenson and A. Schmook (2014).  NASMHPD Technical Assistance Coalition

Freedom Self-Advocacy Curriculum

National Mental Health Consumer's Self-Help Clearinghouse


Hiring and Supporting Consumer Staff

M. Ragins (2006). MHA of Los Angeles

Paving New Ground: Peers Working in In-patient Settings

G. Bluebird.  Supported by NTAC and NASMHPD


Peer support among persons with severe mental illnesses: a review of evidence and experience (Mental Health Policy Paper)
L. Davidson, C. Bellamy, K. Guy, and R. Miller (2012).  World Psychiatry, 11, 123-128.

Peer Support: A Theoretical Perspective

S. Mead, D. Hilton, L. Curtis


Peer Support, Peer Problems

I. Evans (2014). psych central


Peer Support Services for Individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses: Assessing the Evidence

M. Chinman, P. George, R. Dougherty, A. Daniels, S. Ghose, A. Swift, M. Delphin-Rittmon (2014).  Psychiatric Services, 65(4), 429-441. 

Pillars of Peer Support 2009 Report: Transforming Mental Health Systems of Care Through Peer Support Services

Daniels, A., Grant, E., Filson, B., Powell, I., Fricks, L., Goodale, L. (Ed), , www.pillarsofpeersupport.org; January, 2010. 


Pillars of Peer Support 2010 Report -2: Expanding the Role of Peer Support Services in Mental Health Systems of Care and Recovery

Daniels, A. S., Fricks, L., Tunner, T. P., (Eds),  www.pillarsofpeersupport.org; February, 2011. 


Pillars of Peer Support 2011 Report - III: Whole Health Peer Support Services

Daniels, A. S., Tunner, T. P., Ashenden, P., Bergeson, S., Fricks, L., Powell (2012)www.pillarsofpeersupport.org


Pillars of Peer Support 2012 Report - Establishing Standards of Excellence

Daniels, A. S., Tunner, T. P., Bergeson, S., Ashenden, P., Fricks, L., Powell, I.(2013)www.pillarsofpeersupport.org


Pillars of Peer Support IV: The Role of Peers in Building Self-Management within Mental Health, Addiction and Family/Child Health Settings

Daniels, A. S., Tunner, T. P., Ashenden, P., (2013).  www.pillarsofpeersupport.org ; December, 2013.

Pillars of Peer Support Services Summit Six: Peer Specialists Supervision
Daniels, A. S., Tunner, T. P., Powell, I., Fricks, L., Ashenden, P., (2015) Pillars of Peer Support VI: Peer Specialist Supervision. www.pillarsofpeersupport.org; March 2015.
Results from a National Survey of Certified Peer Specialist Job Titles and Job Descriptions: Evidence of a Versatile Behavioral Health Workforce

E. Schwenk, E. Brusilovskiy, and M. Salzer (2009).  The University of Pennsylvania Collaborative on Community Integration: Philadelphia, PA.


Thoughts on the future of peer-run services

L. Ashcraft (2014).  Behavioral Healthcare


Voices of Transformation: Developing Recovery-Oriented Statewide Consumer Organizations

National Empowerment Center and the Recovery Consortium (2007).  2nd ed. Lawrence, MA

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