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Resources for Residents Hamilton County

This section provides service and service-related resources for providers, consumers, family members and other interested individuals in Hamilton County.  

While not exhaustive, it is our hope that this section will be a continuously growing and valuable resource.

Consumer Wellness Clinics - brochure
Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless
Hamilton County Mental Health Association
Hamilton County JFS Resource Directory
Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati
Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities (Ohio)
Mighty Vine Wellness Club
Recovery Center
United Way of Greater Cincinnati
In addition to the resources listed above, approximately 30 local behavioral health organizations are under contract with the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board to provide a full range of community support services including:

bulletcrisis and emergency services
bulletpartial hospitalization
bulletcrisis stabilization
bulletcase management
bulletsubstance abuse treatment
bulletpeer support and education
bulletpsychosocial day programs
bulletsocial clubs
bulletresidential treatment and care
bulletvocational services
bulletoutpatient counseling
bulletprevention and education

For more information about the various contract agencies, visit the provider directory on the Board's primary website.

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