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Vocational/Employment Service Programs in Hamilton County

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
(formerly CRI and QC/M)

LINKS (Learning Individual Keys For Success) - This is a program that explores your vocational options with the objectives of setting a work goal. Disability awareness and management on-the-job is a key component of LINKS.  Referrals can be made through a mental health or MRDD case manager.

Supervised Employment - A work program that helps you adjust to the demands of work at your own pace in a real job in food service, lawn and grounds maintenance or building maintenance.  The development of good work habits, skills and attitude is encouraged.  Referrals must be made by a mental health case manager.

Supported Employment and Employment Solutions -  Includes a a number of programs designed to help you choose, get and keep a job.  You will work with a Placement Specialist to find a job that meets your needs in the community. You can receive job coaching support to help you keep your new job.  Referrals must be made by a RSC Counselor.

Community Based Assessment -  Allows you the opportunity to explore various jobs in the community through paid, short term assessments.  This helps you determine if you have the desire and capacity to perform certain jobs. 

Touchstone Employment Network - A service linkage and delivery center for those individuals who are interested in employment of 20 hours or less per week.  Anyone in the mental health system can visit this center for career counseling, job placement, referral to training providers, benefits counseling, and job coaching services at no charge.

Project ABLE - Collaboration between CRI and the Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati that provides legal services to help people on disability benefits successfully transition to work. The focus of this project is to assist each client to maintain economic stability and medical coverage while aggressively pursuing vocational goals. Clients receive detailed, written Benefits Analysis Reports that analyze current disability and medical benefits (such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid) and describe the impact of work on those benefits. The report also describes the various work incentive programs available to the client, including Plans for Achieving self-sufficiency (PASS) and Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE).


Main Center
1501 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45206

IKRON Rehabilitation Center

Employment - This service provides assistance in obtaining employment opportunities to persons with a psychiatric disability.  Employment service focuses on job placement, on-the-job training and support, and coordination with other mental health services.  If the consumer desires, the program also provides support to employees.

Vocational - Interventions are aimed toward career exploration, training and work experience resulting in integrated, competitive employment.  The purpose of vocational services is to assist consumers with identifying, obtaining or maintaining employment based on his/her choices and abilities.


2347 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 621-1117

Other Resources

Medicaid Buy-In

OLRS Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation website

Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission

Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation locations:

Cincinnati General BVR
617 Vine St., Suite 925
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2815

TEL: (513) 852-3260
TTY: (513) 852-3267
FAX: (513) 852-3265

Cincinnati East BVR
756 Old State Route 74, Suite B
Cincinnati, OH 45245

TEL: (513) 752-6444
FAX: (513) 752-6564
Reading Road BVR
7162 Reading Rd., Suite 800
Cincinnati, OH 45237
TEL: (513) 821-1484
TTY: (513) 852-3424
FAX: (513) 821-2159

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