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Links: Consumer Organizations & Personal Websites

This page includes links to consumer personal websites as well as consumer organizations that operate at the local or state level.  Larger consumer organization websites can be found on the recovery and/or organizations page.
Anchor House of Artists (MA)
Facing Us
Hope, Inc. (Tuscon, AZ)
Hope for Recovery
Hope for Mental Health Recovery
Icarus Project
Mental Health Empowerment Project
National Art Exhibitions of the Mentally Ill
Ohio Center for Advocacy, Traning, and Support
People, Inc.
Recovery Center of Hamilton County (OH)
Recovery Network of Northern Kentucky
Ridge Cemetary Project (Athens, OH)
The Main Place (Newark, OH)
The Willard Suitcase Exhibit...The Lives They Left Behind
WARMLINE (Cincinnati, OH)

Statewide Consumer Agencies

Alabama - Wings Across Alabama


Alaska - Peer Support Consortium


Arizona - Recovery Empowerment Center


California - Mental Health Consumer Concerns


California - Network of Mental Health Cleints


California - Project Return Peer Support Network


Colorado - Mental Wellness Network


Connecticut - Advocacy Unlimited


Delaware - Consumer Recovery Coalition


Florida - Peer Network


Georgia - Mental Health Consumer Network


Hawaii - United Self-Help


Indiana - Key Consumer Organization


Iowa - Advocates for Mental Health Recovery


Kansas - Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health


Massachusetts - Transformation Center


Massachusetts - Freedom Center


Maryland - On Our Own


Maine - Advocacy Initiative Network


Michigan - Justice in Mental Health


Michigan - Peer Choices


Minnesota - Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network


Montana - Peer Network


Nebraska - Mental Health Association


New Jersey - Collaborative Support Program


New York - Mental Health Empowerment Project


New York - PEOPLE, Inc.


New York - The Empowerment Center


North Carolina - Mental Health Consumer's Organization


North Carolina - Mental Health Advocacy, Inc.


Ohio - Center for Advocacy, Training, and Support


Ohio - Ohio Empowerment Coalition


Oklahoma - Mental Health Consumer Council (Facebook)


Oregon - Project ABLE


Pennsylvania - Mental Health Consumers' Association


Rhode Island - Mental Health Consumer Advocates


South Carolina - SHARE


South Dakota - United for Hope and Recovery


Tennessee - Mental Health Consumers' Association


Texas - Catalyst for Empowerment


Virginia - VOCAL, Inc.


Vermont - Psychiatric Survivors


Washington - Mental Health Action


West Virginia - Mental Health Consumers' Association


Wisconsin - Grassroots Empowerment Project


Wisconsin - Association of Peer Specialists

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