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Emerging Best Practices Process
Recovery Components

The table below provides a link to each of the nine Emerging Best Practices in Mental Health Recovery components broken out by the four stages of recovery (dependent/unaware, dependent/aware, independent/aware, interdependent/aware) and the three domains/roles (consumer, clinician, community support).  Each web page has two tables for each component. 

The first table represents descriptors of the consumer's "current status" (book's gray side) and the second table includes examples of "best practices" (book's purple side) for each stage of recovery. 

Printable tables are available in PDF format (must have acrobat reader).

Recovery Component: Description of Component:
Clinical Care Services that are provided by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to promote and enhance the recovery process.
Family Support

Persons identified by the consumer as either family members or significant others who provide the necessary support for recovery.

Peer Support & Relationships

Friends, colleagues and other persons who provide the common understanding of issues and experiences impacting recovery.

Work/Meaningful Activity

Meaningful employment that provides both economic and psychological benefits, positively impacting the recovery process.

Power and Control

Active engagement in care and personal decisions that promote recovery.


Stereotypes associated with mental illness that hinder and/or negatively impact the recovery process.

Community Involvement

Activities and resources provided by the community to maintain consumers' social integration and affiliation with community.

Access to Resources

Ability to make contact with various people and places; use products, services and technologies that promote recovery.


Both informal and formal methods of providing information that will result in behavioral changes.

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