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Ohio Department of Mental Health's
Emerging Best Practices 
in Mental Health Recovery Process

In 1999, the Ohio Department of Mental Health, with the collaboration of consumers, family members, clinicians and mental health board staff developed the Emerging Best Practices in Mental Health Recovery process.  These pages provide an overview of the process, the guiding principles that drive the process, a summary of how to use the Best Practices and the Best Practices components.  To obtain additional information about the Best Practices or to receive extensive training on the Emerging Best Practices for your organization or Board area, please contact the Office of Recovery Services (614-466-0236) at the Ohio Department of Mental Health.

This section provides an overview of the ODMH's Emerging Best Practices in Recovery process and its development.

Guiding Principles
This section outlines the principles that underlie the Emerging Best Practices process.

How to Use the Best Practices
This section provides a summary of how to use the Emerging Best Practices in Recovery tool.

Emerging Best Practices Recovery Components
This section provides each of the nine Emerging Best Practices recovery components broken out by the four stages of recovery. Each web page provides two tables. The first describes the "current status" for each recovery component, which is used by the consumer to identify where they currently are in their recovery. The second table describes the "best practices" that help the consumer identify goals thus allowing them to progress to the next stage.

Integration of the Emerging Best Practices and Ohio Consumer Outcomes
This section provides an example of how the Emerging Best Practices in Recovery can be integrated with the Ohio Consumer Outcomes.

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