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Advance Directives

An Advance Directive is a legal document that empowers consumers with the ability and right to plan their own mental health care in the event they lose the capacity to effectively make decisions.  Modeled in accordance with Ohio's "Living Will" statute, it is a durable power of attorney where an agent is named to act on behalf of the consumer. The Advance Directive gives the agent guidance regarding the consumer's treatment preferences and related issues.  The process of developing an Advance Directive offers the consumer the opportunity to discuss signs and symptoms or triggers for relapse not only to help others recognize these signs, but to gain increased knowledge and control of his or her illness (ODMH).

The Hamilton County Community Mental Health Board staff have developed a presentation (PDF-must have acrobat reader) for local training.

Visit Ohio Legal Rights Services for more information on advance directives in Ohio and/or to obtain a copy of the Durable Power of Attorney document.  Also the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law Advance Directives web page provides a generic set of templates for developing an advance directive.

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