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Welcome to the recovery website of the Hamilton County
Mental Health and Recovery Services Board

About our logo

Since we believe that having a sense of hope lies at the foundation of recovery from mental illness, the above HOPE logo was created to drive the recovery integration efforts in Hamilton County.  

We also believe that knowledge about mental illness and access to available resources is critical to the recovery process.  As such, the purpose of this website is to provide information to the consumer, professional, family member and community that can be used to enhance the lives of individuals with a mental health disorder.

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Disclaimer: The inclusion of materials on this website does not imply endorsement nor recommendation by the Hamilton County Community Mental Health Board. Some pages represent commercial enterprises. Read them at your own risk. This site is solely for informational purposes, and the Hamilton County Community Mental Health Board assumes no liability for any claims or information contained in any of the content  provided. This site is continuously updated.  Please bookmark and visit us often.

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